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Hi there! Welcome to The Crop.

I’m Tracey, a long-time blogger (we’re talking first wave stuff, early 2000s stuff, blogspot before there were pictures and you had to code using html stuff). I was honoured to receive the Lifetime Achievement Award at the Canadian Weblog Awards for my writing at my original corner of the internet, Miss Tracey Nolan. I’ve taken a break from writing the past few years to focus on other kinds of storytelling, but I’ve missed taking the time to write about the things and people that excite me, especially now, during the COVID-19 pandemic. Not being able to just pick up and go to the art gallery, or a movie or drag brunch to replenish my heart and soul has driven me even more online (how?) and I feel compelled to create a new little corner of the internet to collect inspiration and stories.

I’m hoping that The Crop will be a place to come for you to take a closer look at lifestyle, creativity and culture. A place where I can share the things I’m most excited about, whether that’s a recipe, an eye cream or a jazz album. A place for you to visit when you want to take a coffee break and replenish yourself and maybe find some inspiration as well. Thanks for being here.

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