Bar Cart Vibes

There’s something so classic about a bar cart. Grabbing a glass of wine out of the bottle sitting in your fridge sandwiched between last week’s wilted spinach and the third bottle of ketchup your kid has opened this week…where’s the glamour in that?

Anyway, for whatever reason (gee, I wonder why?) I’ve had bar carts on the brain lately. For me, the perfect bar cart is bright, sparkly and ornate, the jewel in the crown of your library or sitting room. Yes, in this fantasy we’ve all got libraries. This is the lifestyle we’re committing to, us, our bar cart and our dirty martini with a twist. And I guess the wilted spinach can come too. We’re not about being exclusive.

Do you have a bar cart at home? What kind of vibes would you want to create with one? Here are some of my favourites. Want more, check out my Pinterest board, with lots of other great eye candy and inspiration for styling a gorgeous bar cart. Cheers!

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