3 old favourites and 2 new (to us) pieces I can’t wait to visit at the AGO

Toronto just reached an important milestone. 50% of all eligible adults are fully vaccinated! COVID 19 will probably be with us for some time, but the biggest danger is starting to feel like it’s disappearing into the rear view. Life is beginning to feel almost normal again. One of the first things I can’t wait to do is spend an afternoon at the Art Gallery of Ontario and then head over to The Village Genius for a pint and something fried.

These are the top 5 works and spaces that I want to revisit or experience for the first time.

David Milne: Pink Billboard
The Henry Moore Sculpture Centre
Claes Oldenburg: Floor Burger (my museum companion will be much taller at our next visit!)
Kim Ondaatje: Cuckoo Clock (a new acquisition!)
Andy Warhol: Silver Clouds (part of the upcoming Warhol exhibit

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