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Above all else, I’m an enthusiast and that’s why I’m here. To share what I love, what inspires me.

For the past decade+ I’ve been using my storytelling skills to help businesses create content that works as a Digital Marketing Strategist and Brand Manager. If you’re curious about that aspect of my work, feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn. I absolutely love the people I’ve been fortunate enough to work with and truly thrive when I’m able to demystify the digital landscape for leaders that are busy doing other things.

My photography, which has been called both journalistic and joyful has been published widely in print and online and has been shown at galleries in Toronto and New Orleans. If you’re interested learning more I hope you’ll visit me over at Tracey Nolan Studios.

A first wave blogger (we’re talking early 2000s stuff, blogspot before there were pictures and you had to code using html stuff), my original corner of the internet, Miss Tracey Nolan garnered me the Lifetime Achievement Award at the Canadian Weblog Awards. An honour I was totally flattered by, and one that does not, at all, make me feel like I’m a million years old. I also had a lot of fun collaborating with great brands like Nespresso, Starbucks Canada and Gap Kids.

I live in Toronto with my husband, musician Jim Clayton, our 10-year-old daughter, Lenny and our absurdly cute cat, Fry. You can usually find me enjoying an iced coffee and planning our next trips to New Orleans and New York.

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