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A fresh take on the Pimm’s Cup for Wimbledon 2021

If you’re a tennis fan or an anglophile then you already know that we’re currently enjoying the best fortnight of the entire summer. I’ve been watching as many matches as I can in between real life stuff and maybe even fantasizing a little about what it would be like to take in all the refined …

3 old favourites and 2 new (to us) pieces I can’t wait to visit at the AGO

Toronto just reached an important milestone. 50% of all eligible adults are fully vaccinated! COVID 19 will probably be with us for some time, but the biggest danger is starting to feel like it’s disappearing into the rear view. Life is beginning to feel almost normal again. One of the first things I can’t wait …

Five Questions for Robert Glasper

Originally published in Torontoist, October 2012 A gifted jazz pianist who keeps one foot firmly planted in hip-hop and the other in neo-soul, Robert Glasper is one of those artists that defies definition. He serves as music director for Mos Def’s touring band and has worked and written with Q-Tip. While his latest studio effort …

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