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Sunday Coffee with Joe Biden

Today’s Sunday Coffee Date is President Biden, who, after giving American’s his word (as a Biden) is leading the charge to vaccinate people against the Coronavirus. 100 Million Americans were vaccinated by President Biden’s 58th day in office, which by any metric is an impressive feat. Feeling grateful for this hopeful moment at the beginning …

Quinoa Green Bean Salad

The weather is starting to turn. The sun is out more, and even if I might need it again before spring really, truly is here to stay, I’ve packed up my parka. It’s time to look forward to longer, warmer days. Maybe even dream of a socially distant BBQ with an Aperol Spritz, some charred …

Sunday Coffee with Liza Minnelli

Today’s Sunday Coffee Date is Liza Minnelli who turned 75 on Friday. Liza is an icon, a legend and I’m so glad she’s here to receive her flowers and give us more to see. I love her rendition of Don’t Smoke in Bed on Inside the Actor’s Studio. Here’s a fun collection of some of …

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